Saturday, May 3, 2008


Outside my Window… The robin is sitting on her nest of eggs

I am thinking…about how Grateful I am that I do not have to teach Relief Society tomorrow

I am thankful for…my eternal companion who makes me smile

From the kitchen…Emma is cooking tonight....smells like homemade cottage pie

I am going…crazy thinking about how to decorate for a wedding on Saturday when all the wedding stuff is 2 hours away in T.O (roadtrip..)

I am readingNo Doubt about it for book club this month

I am hoping…Ian has a wonderful week....first week of reg. maintenance with new employees

I am hearing…Emma singing in the kitchen

Around the house…It is actually quiet...Jon is finishing off his homework, Aaron is playing a game, Jared is down at Joe's and Em is busy with dinner

One of my favorite things right now.... is to walk through the garden and see what wonderful new life is peeking out of the soil

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… make strawberry cheesecake,attend a new member baptism,have a family over for Sunday supper,go teaching with the sister missionaries, watch my friends children on 2 days, host Brunch Bunch, try to get hold of the bride to ask for theme, colours etc; go to the art museum with Aaron, get the lesson ready for next Sunday,plan for the long weekend at the cottage...I know I am forgetting something, where is my Franklin..........

(I saw this idea on Yvonne's blog)too cute!

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