Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Ultimate mother/!

Oh what a wonderful, wonderful world we live in......There are so many beauties on this Earth.
Emma , my mom and I went on the ultimate mother daughter date....18 days of travel, we laughed, we ate, (...we ate so much I haven't been able to eat since Spain!)we explored, we met old friends and made new ones.... Oh the memories we created!
We arrived in the South of England,enjoyed walking on the sea shore (searching for the perfect shell to bring home for Ian!)Visited with family and generally relaxed from the busy schedule of regular life. From there we took the train to Birmingham to see my wonderfully,amazing grandfather! He can bring a smile to any one's face!
We sat and listened to all the old stories about the war and how he was a rascal as a youth and how he meet nan. (It was so sad, you could see the loneliness in his eyes)He spoke about all the 'adventures' they had been on, how he loved her and tried his best to care for her! -I hope Ian and I have many, many more years on this Earth together!- We met my Amazing aunt Judith (who has been lost to our family for decades because of the war) finally returned to us(I secretly think by my nan who had been looking for Judith for ever)- ask me sometime and I will tell you all about this amazing story! We had so much fun together...I didn't want to leave..though I am looking forward to them visiting Canada!(hint, hint)
We flew into Madrid then rented a car and explored Spain....What a breath taking part of the world this is! Oh and if I come up and give you a hug and kiss both sides of your face I am NOT being fresh! I actually got quite used to it! We experienced fine dining,the old world charm...not to mention being allowed to drive Very fast on the highways!...We stayed in Se villa, a charming old city with lots of history and about a city that never sleeps! REALLY...never! We drove down to the south of Spain and ventured over to Gibraltar....I was really missing the 'boys' by this time....They would have loved the caves, the apes and the village built right inside the mountain (I actually thought I felt Ian tag me and say, "your it!")It would have been an awesome place to play sardines! After a lot of eating, exploring and shopping we ventured back to jolly old England where the temperature plummeted and the rain came down! We enjoyed a day in London being 'tourist' and watched the parades celebrating remembrance day...they really know how to honour there lost! Went to the palace to visit the queen...Emma was convinced she would come out and wave if only we stayed long enough....maybe in the next life! We ventured back to the train but not before I picked up a famous Cornish pastie for Ian(his favourite treat)....All in all it was a whirlwind trip full of great memories and adventure for 3 Canadian girls out on a date!......

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Cassandra said...

Wow - it sounds like you all had a fabulous time in Europe! Great pictures! We missed you!