Thursday, April 9, 2009

2 angels for a weekend....

We had the wonderful opportunity to watch 2 of our friend's children while they were away in Salt Lake for Conference

It was such a joy to have little ones in our home really does change the spirit in a home when young babies are dwelling there! I was able to create one of those parental pictures ( you know the ones you keep for eternity) We were all sitting around in the family room with the sun streaming in the windows everyone happy and Aaron turns to me and says "can we adopt them" took us awhile to explain to him the difference between adoption and stealing...(which he was quite willing to do)after the discussion Emma quietly said, "mom, this IS the perfect family" I told her it would have to be her 'perfect' family because ours was completed with Aaron!
I loved how our family all worked together to fulfill the needs of these two special children...It helped me appreciate a little bit more how amazing our children are....jumping in and showing love to others...not once did anyone think it was an inconvience or chore to share a bedroom or help mommy with this or that...I am grateful for this wonderful opportunity it will be a favoured memory of this little family xoxoxo

Some pictures of them 'helping' out with chores around the house
(Nathan is helping wash dishes after making cookies & Clara is helping us fold the laundry)

Now you can see why we enjoyed these two sweet angels for the weekend....

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