Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Christmas in Florida

The trip all started one Sunday evening, as we sat around discussing how much fun it would be to go on an adventure to Disney together ...before we knew it the flight was booked and dear friends arranged for us to stay at their timeshare. within a few days we found ourselves sitting on a flight to sunny Florida. It was a great flight, it makes the time 'fly' when traveling with friends.....

Our family outside of MGM studios

The boyz at honey we shrunk the kids playground area

One of my highlights, this was a cute little show outside of the Star Wars ride.
Jared and Aaron were glued to this show ...It was teaching the kids the moral of Star Wars we need to fortify ourselves against Satan and how the priesthood will help in our life's journey. -my favourite comment was from Jared. He really could see the metaphor He really believed that is what they were teaching!

The days were full of Disney park adventures and the nights with swimming in the pool just outside our backdoor.
We visited MGM Disney and Blizzard beach,Downtown Disney with Disney Quest
(a gamers paradise) and Lego land
I have to apoligize, I have made a new years resolution to take more photos of our families experiences....I was having so much fun I forgot to pick up the camera to record the adventure.

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Cassandra said...

Great pictures Adrienne! What wonderful memories. I like your goal to take more pictures - I need to do that too!