Tuesday, February 8, 2011

cookie party ~ my favourite kind

 Cookies ...really is there any other comfort food that is so .....well comforting? There is nothing finer then splitting a warm cookie in half,as the chocolate drips onto your finger..waiting to be dipped into a wide glass of milk! I bet that homemaker in Massachusetts back in 1929 had no idea what she was about to do for all mankind when she accidental stumbled upon the chocolate chip cookie.... really just before the dirty 30's and the "crash," there was the chocolate chip cookie~ a little light before the darkness!

 My girlfriend Tasha, she could be one of those homemakers who invents the next "chocolate chip cookie", so she sends out an email inviting a few of her friends over. She will provide the dry ingredients, if we bring the wet and all the 'fun' stuff that makes cookies become unique. Already I love this idea, good friends, good laughs.......




good food and a bunch of cookie dough to bring home for our freezers..... oh ya that is my idea of a great 'cookie exchange' (we can bake them at our convenience)

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