Saturday, March 22, 2008

....I love looking at these pictures and long for those bright,warm, sunny mornings when I get up and feel motivated to do something...on my rather long list of 'to do's' starting to exercise - losing 10 pounds might be a good start....eating more nutritious foods also might help ...but there is nothing desirable about eating a salad when it is - 11 outside.... I would love to get my hands on the outside of my home...beautify it with a light cleanup....move a few of the machines that got trapped there when the early snow fell...and never left..... I am sooo ready for spring to arrive let the snow melt away and the beautiful blossoms bloom in my garden....I'll even take the dandelions in all there beautiful yellows. I posted the pictures in side the T.V for 2 reasons 1 to symbolize the fact that though this trip was only weeks ago it feels like it was a movie I watched, but didn't actually experience. & 2 because of the miserable weather my children are conducting a mutiny and watching 2 hours or more of screen time ...instead of their usually allotted 1 hour only! let the sun come and warm the Earth before this women goes nuts in this cold and 'ugly' place.....(what happened to the girl that saw the glass half full?) - I think she needs to dethaw!


mommy's thoughts! said...

Adrienne you are getting so much better at this then me! hahahhaha, Where did you learn this, looks great!

Canamerican said...

I too am feeling the wrath of a LONG winter and the need for rebirth of the earth! I am starting on a long journey of eating better, feeling better...LONG journey!!! And so hard to do when all I want is comfort food!!! I would just love to see and color! I really miss my old yard. It had crocusts and tulips and even in the snow there was a peek of bloom by now! I need to start all over here and make it mine! It feels so good to just get into your yard after a long winter on a sunny warm spring day and get DIRTY!!! I love getting my hands thick with soil and create something beautiful! So, if you ever want know who to call. By the way, you are the most glass overflowing woman that I know!!! A little thawing at Brunch on Wednesday is in order! See you there! xoxo