Saturday, March 22, 2008

visiting teachers - the simple pleasures of life!

I am grateful for the visiting teaching program....( a program set up within our church, where 2 women come to your home once a month to 'friendship' with you. Making sure everyone /thing is going well in your home/family)

I had the opportunity to spend time with my visiting teachers a few days ago...what a wonderful spirit they bring into my home. We were able to discuss the simple pleasures of life..... the fact that there are little patches of grass coming through the piles of endless snowbanks, the smile of a stranger, the way your husband looks at you, the laughter of your children playing together. We discussed the importance of searching out these blessings and recognizing who they are from.... How many times a day I quietly hear myself say 'Thank You' to someone unseen by so many. I am grateful for the simple knowledge I have of the Saviour, grateful that through the Atonement I and my loved ones can endure. Grateful for the peace that I find through my trials, whether financial, physical, mental or emotional, because I know that the Lord has his hand in it. I don't think I can write the words that would express the Love and reverence I feel for My Heavenly Father. Sometimes I feel so far from 'home', then I receive a 'hug' from my father; sometimes through a friend or in the pages of the scriptures sometimes as I kneel in prayer but this week it was from 2 sweet women who walked into my home and left the spirit here for me to 'wrap up' in and fill me up for a little longer......for that I am grateful......

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The Reeview said...

Loneliness? What??? I shouldn't hear about these things on a blog! I believe I am only about 50 steps away outside your front door. Noone within a 50 mile radius should be bored with a neighbour like me around!

Love your blog, You keep writing girl. In fact, you can just write for me. You write exactly the things I feel but don't take the time to write. I will just copy your messages onto my blog and sign my name to them. Noone has to know....Tasha