Friday, March 21, 2008

celebrating our own way

I love traditions.....I feel they are such an important part of a persons upbringing.... I love watching others,as they celebrate with their families the traditions that they have nurtured over the years. I am grateful for good friends and their great example of being strong, faithful & loving parents. I am grateful for our parents, who have instilled in us the traditions of their parents... & for the opportunity we have to create traditions for our own children.
Though sometimes I ponder how Jacob felt when he spoke of traditions to his fellow Nephites in the book of Mormon. How it must have pained him to see their poor examples. It makes me reflect if I, as a parent, am 'stealing' blessings from my children because of some of my 'traditions'. Not the traditions that I spoke of previously, the carefully planned ones, more of the ones that quietly sneak into my life.... not keeping the whole Sabbath day holy....because everyone knows after 8pm it's not the sabbath any more!? or not singing hymns in meetings because I don't enjoy my voice ....... What am I stealing from my children if I fail to read my scriptures or have sincere prayers....if I don't fulfill my callings because it is to taxing or forget to count my blessings?..... I pray that for my children's sake I will have the strength to overcome, reflect on the traditions of my parents and endure to the end.

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Canamerican said...

Traditions are such a wonderful thing! Growing up, my family had many! I need to start thinking of some good ones to pass on to my kids and not get into that rut of "the not so good ones!" It is definitely a struggle at times to make sure that I am doing what needs to be done with adn for my kids so they may reap the important blessings in life! Thank you for being such a great example to my kids of a family with fun traditions! We love the birthday cape and crown by the way!!! I need to get one for us! xoxo Aimee