Sunday, August 3, 2008

Little Linnea.....(otherwize known as mini me)

I would like to formally introduce Linnea May Kelly - born 7lb 5oz 21 inches long....beautiful blue eyes and dark hair

Linnea came to the earth on Monday, July 28th at 8:40pm to her wonderful,excited and loving parents.....Stephanie and David Kelly...What great parents they are, the way they work so well together to tend to her needs. It is so amazing to see my brother with a sweet baby in his arms...I'm sure it seems like an eternity before she arrived, but now she is here I warn him "time will seem to fly by, and before you know it she will be a beautiful young women having to ward off all the young men!"
Linnea is sweet tempered and ready to brighten up anyone's day with the smile in her eyes .... She has a beautiful spirit....We have been praying for you for a long time and now you are finally here! Welcome, Welcome we pray for your growth and development. all our love- Your ever growing family xoxoxo


mommy's thoughts! said...

Awww, i almost want to cry reading that, so exciting! You'll have to show me pictures. Miss ya!

Yvonne said...

She is beautiful. Congratulations to your brother and his wife.