Thursday, August 7, 2008

A forever friend.........

I had the opportunity while I was in AZ. to visit with a dear old friend of mine.
Mysha Maxwell and I have been friends since we were 9/10. The moment we met we became instant friends. We did all the usual girlfriend things...sleep overs, swimming, movies,sharing with each other our wishes and dreams.... That was an amazing thing about Mysha....I could just be me! I didn't have to wear designer clothing, know the latest band or what song they just released, I know she wasn't after my 'HOT' big brothers (trust me, that happened more then I wish to recall!) She lived the same standards I lived, treated others with respect and because she never gossiped about others, I felt safe she was not speaking unkindly about me either.
Mysha and I would love taking care of her 2 little sisters and the Ward girls, they were the same age 1&3 (they were very special to me, in fact I named my daughter after them) We would take them to the parks, go for walks,read them stories you know the usual sitter stuff.
Mysha's family quickly became my own. I called her parents 'mom and dad',loved participating in family traditions (like crowding onto her parents water bed to watch movies)made many a breakfast in bed....I am sure some were even edible...(we even cleaned up after ourselves) 'Mom' would spend time brushing out our long hair and French braiding them (Mysha with 2 braids, mine with 1 & vise versa) It always made me feel like a dutch princess!
Well this week I was able to spend a few days with this VERY special family...I am sure I tasted a little piece of heaven....

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