Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I didn't know how excited I could actually get, until I was told by my brother and sister in laws "We are having TWINS!" Can you believe it? Talk about a blessing. Not one, but two more Puddicombes. I can not wait to hold them and smell them and cuddle them and..... yes even change their stinky diapers.
We knew they were pregnant. In fact the prayers in our home went something like this (Jared or Aaron's prayer) " ....and please bless Auntie Jo and the baby, that they will be safe and grow strong..oh and make sure it is a boy!" with Emma whispering "a girl" ....So now Aaron thinks it was because of their prayers "both were answered" - He will be mighty disappointed if this turns out to be 2 girls!
I am so excited that they live in London. I can't wait to see Mark hold his little ones for the first time and witness the transformation that takes place inside someone when they melt...I mean truely melt. I was able to see it happen to my husband 4 times and each of my brothers /in laws.
It really does amazes me the different feelings I have about babies now that our little family is complete! Some how I feel old, not 'OH I am SO old!" just 'Wow I loved that stage,but now I'm done, and entering a new stage!' I really enjoy watching my siblings as they journey through this wonderous stage of being 100% selfless on someone elses behalf. I think the love for ones spouse grows 100 fold when you rear a child together. One focus, One plan, One journey.....All the best Jo and Mark...let the games begin!

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