Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Leadership has become tradition in our family....Ian and I both went when we were youth (not to mention for 3 years as leaders) and this year we were able to take our sweet daughter!
leadership is a 4 day 'getaway from the world.' L.D.S Youth from all over Southern Ontario get together at Erindale (The University of Toronto) To 'remember who they really are' The dress code is Sunday dress 90% of the time,the groups (twigs/ branches) spend their days going to workshop after workshoplearning everything from improving communication to learning better Scripture study habits.
In the evenings there is usually a dance or variety night (skits).
If you have not been it is extremely hard to describe. In fact our Emma was a little apprehensive to go.."I am quite capable of opening doors for myself".The idea of being escorted everywhere by a different young man, wasn't her idea of fun.... but just like so many other first year youth, by the second day it was old hat to her..in fact her comment to me was "... mom, I think I am going to have to ask Jon to escort me everywhere when I get back home,a girl can get used to this!"
I watched as her countenance changed, as she discovered for herself, who she really is. It was a beautiful experience ....we can't wait for Jon to join us next year!

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