Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The flourgirls

My girlfriend and I have started a new business!

Come visit us online
We are at the beginning stages, but are very excited. As parents, we understand how tough it can be to make school lunches everyday and we are here to help. Go picnic! offers delicious, homemade, earth-friendly lunches made fresh to order and delivered right to your childs homeroom. Our lunches cater to every child's needs and are guaranteed to please. Vegetarians, children with allergies and even fussy eaters will enjoy eating the lunch that was made just for them. School lunches have never been easier. We truly believe this is an inspired business. We are able to serve our community and still be at home with our families.... Wish us luck!

These are some pictures taken at our photo shoot...enjoy - we hope you can hear the laughter of this day xoxo

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