Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Our little girl turns 16

Can you believe it? Our little girl is 16.....I have a 16 year old ...I can remember being 16..
Ian, the boyz and I could not have asked for a better 16 year old.
She is thoughtful, loving,compassionate and has a strong testimony of who she is and her relationship with her Heavenly parents.
What do you do when your only daughter turns 16 on a Sunday? We had a little celebration for her at a friends home. It was wonderful to see so many people gather to celebrate Emma's special day. All day at church, sisters handed Emma a single flower with a card attatched saying something special (a real treasure for Em)
On the Saturday before our phone rang and a 'special young man' called to ask for a date.."I have been waiting 16 years to ask you ..." her dad took her out to the movies...He came to the door with a dozen daisies and a single pink rose....be your own kind of beautiful xoxoxo We love you Emma enjoy the next few years xoxoxothey will be fun ones!

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Marci said...

You have a beautiful daughter...and she comes from beautiful parents!! Congrats on your sweet 16th, Emma.