Tuesday, November 3, 2009

40....wow funny how that isn't old anymore

What a fun night, and a great way to celebrate Ian turning 40!

'Oh what a night'... 'A Professional D.J'- a friend of ours used to dj in Utah and pulled some strings and had an old associate put together a remix of a bunch of 80's music....'totally awesome!!' Oh and we found out that it isn't only the 'girls that just want to have fun...'
We danced ,sang, ate, laughed and ate some more....It was so fun to see all the different styles of the times (and how 'the banker' used to be a 'rock on') The valley girls were there by the dozens.... Wow am I glad I made it through the 80's without to many scares... (It does remind me not to rebuke my children to much for their 'creative dress' ...though I must admit they are ultra conservative) ....The scariest news is....THE 80's ARE COMING BACK..... yes you heard me right....Madonna gloves and Cindi shirts are in a store near you.....FAME I want to live forever..is even out in theaters...I guess this proves we are old when the cycle o your teenage years come back in style to haunt you ....big bangs hear I come xoxoxo
P>S I want to thank all those who were involved in the planning of this event...it will be spoken about for many years to come!

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Yvonne said...

WOW 40 IS OLD ; ) Ha, ha, ha.

Isn't it funny how it used to seem ANCIENT.

Looks like you all had a great time.

Happy Birthday to the birthday boy.