Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy Father's day

I am so very grateful for the 'Fathers' in my life. My father who raised me, is one of those men you will always look up too.I have so many wonderful memories of working on our hobby farm, mucking out the barn every Saturday with he and I in our matching dungarees ...He and my mother taught us the joy of hard work and the gift of selfless service and of looking on the bright side of everything -For these gifts I am grateful!
My Father in laws is a wonderful man, who has brought me into his family with open arms and never treated me like anything other then a daughter.
My own sweet Ian has become the father I always hoped for my own children. fun, loving, tender, a hard worker and wonderful provider.
To these men I wish a wonderful FATHER'S day - may you feel of the love and gratitude of those who you touch!

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