Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Boyz Adventure

The idea all started when the weekends were becoming busier and busier....
I told Jared and Aaron, Joe and Tanner "we are heading up to the cottage, for a break before the crazy joy of summer begins!"
So an all boys weekend was planned. I purchased food that was 'boy',games that were 'boy',snacks that were 'boy' and even brought up a 'boy' movie!
We started out the evening on the canoe and kayak - looking for secret islands and alligator (long floating logs) We headed back for land , the cubs set up the folding chairs and table and got the fire sticks ready, I got the hot dogs, s'mores, drinks and story stick ready and the scouts got the fire (log cabin style) ready. It wasn't dark enough yet so we headed into the cottage got into our P.J's and played a couple rounds of UNO spin.

Around 9pm we headed down to the fire started it up (competition of course) -everyone got 1 match, Jared's match won
We enjoyed the dogs and s'mores then we got out the 'story stick' and enjoyed a couple ScArY stories (the story stick begins with one person who starts the story and gets passed around until the last person finishes the story) Then we sang some good old camp fire songs, doused the fire and headed up to brush our teeth and enjoy a movie - NOAH ( a Disney flick)
Everyone slept well in there own rooms -Thank goodness....
The next morning we ate breakfast - The boys had requested French Toast cereal and Golden Grahams (nice and easy)
We headed back down to the dock - some of the boys took a dip while others kayaked and looked for minnows etc
We hung out by the water until lunch then set up the water balloon catapults and slip n slide
By 3pm the clouds were rolling in so we voted and decided to call it a day. After we cleaned up got changed had a snack and headed home by 4pm.
Just in time to get supper, a bath and our clothes ready for the Sabbath
What an Awesome weekend the boys were great; considering I kept them up way to late!
Hope you enjoy the pictures not sure if they captured all the fun but at least a sneak peak.

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Cassandra said...

How fun! What a great boys getaway!