Friday, June 11, 2010

Miracles do happen - to those who wait!

An Adventure to Arizona to meet my youngest nephew Liam Stephen Kelly and a side trek to the Great Salt Lake

I fell in love with my niece all over again and enjoyed spending time with a wonderful family, reminding me of long past days of sleepless nights and early mornings....The adventure is just starting for my big brother's young family! Enjoy every moment it will not be long before it takes a little more then the 'count of three' and a 'magic kiss' from mommy to cure the world's woo's....Grateful for the time we had together - and though I promised years ago to 'corrupt' these children of my brother...I feel his gene's have done it for me! - Love you Bro...Take care of this beautiful family xoxoxoxo

Two peas in a pod! - watch out world

Nea's beautiful new dress for Liam's Blessing

Nana's tradition - homemade with love from mothers wedding gown

Fun hand outs at Liam's Blessing - Let-us rejoice !

The Adventure to The Great Salt Lake - A brother sister adventure - too much fun!

My oh My -David in a dress!......

He is looking more and more like Davie do.....Who knew we had such strong genes?

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