Saturday, November 20, 2010

Emma is one year older and wiser too.....happy birthday to you xoxoxo

Emma-leigh Elisabeth Puddicombe born September 27th 6'13 21 inches long!
WOW! Was that really 17 years ago?
We have learned much as parents, but we think one of the most important things is that these children are only on loan. We often observe Emma and wonder how old she really is! -she was born that way 'a wise old soul,' my father had commented the first time he held her - He also advised us not to squash her spirit! I certainly hope we have succeeded in this area of letting her discover who she really is and what her purpose is here.
Often comments are made by friends when in a conversation with Emma and I "who is the parent here?" She just has this quality of knowing the right path to take and making the best choice. She has a wonderful relationship with her Heavenly Father and earthly father - (is it inappropriate for me to say she has both wrapped around her finger?)
Emma is now trying to decide which college to attend and where....It only seems like yesturday we were preparing her for her first drive home!
Here are some pictures of her 17th birthday

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mommy's thoughts! said...

Oh my little Emma is getting so grown up. It feels like yesterday that we would play dolls or I took her shopping at the Gap. I think this will be very hard for me when she is getting married some day, Yikes.