Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas traditions

We have created many Christmas traditions over the 20 years Ian and I have been together. Some have died off and some are still going strong...we have even thrown in a few new ones.

At Christmas we have a day of baking, putting together treats for our neighbours We sometimes even muster up enough courage to carol while we deliver them one evening close to Christmas eve

We have a small box of straw that we use to symbolize our gifts to the Christ~child.
Each member of our family puts a piece of straw in the empty manger every time they do a kind deed for someone the months leading up to Christmas. The manger is filled with soft,cozy straw by Christmas eve to comfort the baby.

~before we began~

We read from a special book during our morning devotional. It consists of a verse from the scriptures,a song and an inspirational story ~ Our dear friends the Davies gave it to us about 12 years ago.

We are invited to a friends home for a special Christmas FHE. We enjoy a little Christmas themed talent show, some wonderful food and Old Saint Nick even shows up!

We spend Christmas eve with dear friends,talking and laughing and of course eating.

Christmas Morning we wake up.

Mom goes downstairs and turns the fireplace,music and Christmas lights on.

After unwrapping the gifts~this is a special gift Aaron received,his baptism blanket (comforter to represent the comfort the Holy Ghost brings us) Hey I know it is a year late ~but at least he is not heading off on his mission which is when I thought it would be finished by.......

We sit down to a traditional English breakfast
~Yummy~ Then we head off to visit Grandma/pa Puddicombe's. All 7 children,
4 in laws and 14 can get a little crazy but my favourite part is when everyone gets into their PJ's the lights are dim the Christmas lights are twinkling and Grandma reads from Luke ~then we sing the carol that coincides with the verse.

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