Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wishing you a Merry Christmas

We have had a wonderful year, full of joys and frustration, hopes and achievements.
Ian and adrienne's business is growing strong and Ian continues loving the choice he made to follow his dream of owning his own business.
We have been released from the Relief Society and Elders Quorum Presidency and hit the "big Times" we have been called to the nursery....If you have never had this calling you won't understand what is about to be said "BEST calling ever" really at first I was nervous...really me in nursery? But WOW!!! we are loving it. These children are amazing & we love being with them.
Emma is graduating this year from High School. We will have a graduate, she is trying to decide what comes next, school ,which one and where? Major? She eventually wants to be a primary school teacher.(which we believe she will be amazing at!)She is busy right now with friends,choirs,being Laurels President, dating and driving.
Jon is finishing off grade 10, he is busy with friends, Ninjitzu, piano and of course trying to figure out how to keep his curly locks under control.
Jared is busy with choir, robotics, library help, safety guard, friends and how to build the most amazing snow fort with his best friend & little brother Aaron.
Aaron is forever busy with his friends,He is outside as much as he can possibly be. He is loving grade 3, cubs and his primary teacher.
They are all growing up so fast. It is so enjoyable as their parents, to watch them grow and develop their personalities, talents and self esteem. The older they get the more we understand our roles with them; to guide them, watch them, teach them, be a good example then let them figure it out on their own (wow, that last one is hard)
We hope you and your family are happy and healthy looking forward to the new year!

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Cassandra said...

Oh, I like them them both!! Merry Christmas to you too!! Love you guys!!