Saturday, January 8, 2011

Master Chef ~ Jon

Jon was in the kitchen cooking up a storm ~ He had invited our family over (Uncle Mark, Auntie Jo and the twins) for a feast of his creation..... but the flu hit our home,so he came up with plan B. He had to create a 'take- out' meal He and Ian delivered it to the Puddicombe home then returned to feed our family ~ I didn't actually get a bite, but from the sounds coming from the dining room (while I lay sick on the couch) He did a great job! ~Congratulations Jon It had colour, taste, variety,and All four food groups! `better then the top romon & mac n cheese usual ~things are looking up xoxoxo

                                 ~ He even set the little table for the twins

Jon received a call that evening....rave reviews from the guest of honour

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Cassandra said...

That looks awesome! Way to go Jon - very impressive!